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Nicholas Coley (left), Roseanna Jansen (middle), Thari De Silva (right): the LCSA 2018 / 2019 Executive team.

Nicholas Coley

President, LCSA

CE1350 ext. 5350

I must first welcome the students to the Lethbridge College, my name is Nicholas Coley, and I am currently the Lethbridge College Student Association’s LCSA’s President. I believe in opportunities which are legal and reasonable, therefore I am grateful for this opportunity to be a part of LCSA which is student focused. This includes student’s safety and to create a College community that promotes student’s involvement.

I am a positive thinker and I am motivated for change. I implore students to interact to create innovation which will maximize student’s positive experience here at the College. Get involved with the various planned LCSA’s activities and clubs which are geared to develop the different skills of interpersonal behaviours and attitudes which are required in future employment roles. The working industry is NOT only about books but is also about involvement and interactions.

Life is about everything so create a balance while you trace your dreams here at the Lethbridge College. All the best in your endeavours, and thank you for choosing Lethbridge College. Please feel free to stop by our office anytime to know more about how we operate. Thank you.

Roseanna Jansen

LCSA, Vice President Student Life
CE1350. Ext 5321

Welcome to Lethbridge College! My name is Roseanna Jansen, and I am the Vice President of Student Life here at the LCSA. I am currently enrolled in the massage therapy diploma! I look forward to representing you the students of this institution, and your needs. The well-being and satisfaction of you is my #1 priority, so I welcome you if you to come stop the LCSA or my office CE1350 if you have any questions or concerns, or simply need a friend to talk to. I look forward to seeing some new faces, getting involved, and making a difference. I would like to wish you all good luck, and don’t forget to have some fun and enjoy the year! Once again welcome to Lethbridge College, welcome to your future.

Thari De Silva

LCSA, Vice-President of Operations and Finance

Fellow students! Welcome to Lethbridge College. My name is Thari De Silva and I am the Vice President of Operations & Finance of the Lethbridge College Students’ Association (LCSA). We are honored to have you enrolled as a student in our college.

We, the LCSA, is the most open minded and the friendliest team on campus. Our #1 duty is to improve the experience and well-being of the students. So please feel free to stop by at our office (CE1350) and talk to any one of us if you have any questions, suggestions regarding your experience as a student.

Remember! College is all about both hard work and having fun. Strike a balance between those two and you will be a winner!

I wish you all the very best for your future endeavors and your academic career.


CE1350, EXT 5350


I am currently the Vice President Student Life for the Lethbridge College Students’ Association. You may have seen me working at LCSA events in the past two semesters. I’ve helped plan and run many of the great events you’ve hopefully had the chance to check out in the last year, including: 

The first day of Frosh we featured several great bands, and wrapped the night up with Hypnotist Scott Ward. Frosh Day 2 consisted of Rave in the Cave, featuring Vilify. Vilify is a dubstep artist from Montreal, for those of you not familiar with her. The Cave was packed to capacity both nights. 

This event was our Halloween rave, which was also the first official collaboration between the LCSA and local EDM (Electronic Dance Music) group BassWorks. Once again, we packed the Cave out to capacity. 

Band Wars: 
Band Wars had a substantial turnout, and brought together ten local bands to compete for prizes. 

Cowboy Cabaret: 
This event was the LCSA Movember fundraising wrap-up, and was also a rocking success. 

These are just a few of the many events I’ve helped put on. That doesn’t mean all I’ve done at the LCSA is events, however. I’ve also represented students to the Alberta Students’ Executive Association, a group that lobbies the provincial government on behalf of post-secondary students. I’ve promoted awareness on campus for multiple issues, ranging from sexual health to mental health. 

I am committed to continuing to host great events, continue to advocate for student issues, and remain a promoter of student wellbeing.

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