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Ednna StobSchinski

President, LCSA

CE1350 ext. 5350

Welcome to Lethbridge College fellow students!

First, I would like to acknowledge that this fine institution is located on the traditional lands of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksikatsitapi) and on the Grassland Natural Region of Southern Alberta. As an international student, taking an Environmental Science program at LC, I have always been in awe of the deep connection people have with this land and the keen sense of community that they share with one another.

At the Lethbridge College Students’ Association (LCSA), our goal is no different. Our job is to represent you and your interests, to support your academic and personal success, and to hopefully, develop a sense of belonging within our student community.

This past year we have been faced with a shift in our lives and I cannot deny that it has been challenging; but I also recognize that all students and staff have shown great resilience in the pursuit of a high quality education. I can confidently say that you can expect that upon your arrival. Instructors and all the college staff are always ready to help you in achieving your goals and to equip you with real-world experience. We also know that things can be tough at times, so please don’t hesitate to reach out, to a friend, to a colleague, to your instructors, or the Student Council. Every single person working in this institution is here to help you.

Last yet importantly, take advantage of the services the LCSA and the college offers, whether that is bus passes, academic advising, financial aid, studying tools, or Health and Dental student plans, they’re all there for you. My fellow Student Executives and LCSA staff can’t wait to meet you (in-person or virtually) and walk along you on your post-secondary journey. Embrace all moments and… Let’s get it, LC!

LCSA, Vice President Student Life
CE1350. Ext 5321

Write up pending.

Jenica Jensen

LCSA, Vice-President of Operations and Finance
CE 1350, EXT 5350

Hello students either current and or newcomer,

My name is Jenica Jensen though I like to be called Jen, and I am your new Vice President of Operations and Finance. I am so excited to be a part of your college experience here at the Lethbridge College.  Alongside the other members of LCSA I want to say welcome to the College, and we are here to help you and make your experince at the college not only a fun one, but hopefully a memorable one.

I am currently a Health Care Aide at St. Michaels Health Centre here in Lethbridge and just finished my generals and upgrading to get into the LPN (PN) program for the fall of 2021. I have been a health care aide for 2 years now after graduating from the program at the college in 20019.

I love working with my residents and have learned so many wonderful things from them and hearing all their amazing stories of their younger years. My favourite thing to do on my days off when I am not working is to sleep, watch Netflix and visit with my friends. In the summer I love to go swimming and dream of travelling out of Canada though it has not been possible yet. I am a complete dog lover and if there is a dog around you bet, I am going to ask if I can pet the puppy. Their loyalty and cuddliness make my day every single time. I also love other furry cute animals however NOT snakes, spiders, and did I say snakes?

Feel free to come and see me or anyone else in the LCSA for any of your college needs or just come say hi. We are here to support you and celebrate you while you are here achieving your dreams. I understand how going to school especially post-secondary can be stressful and hard and sometimes a whole new thing especially if you are coming back after years of not being at school. Do No hesitate to come to see me or the rest of the team, we are here for you.

I am currently the Vice President Student Life for the Lethbridge College Students’ Association. You may have seen me working at LCSA events in the past two semesters. I’ve helped plan and run many of the great events you’ve hopefully had the chance to check out in the last year, including: 

The first day of Frosh we featured several great bands, and wrapped the night up with Hypnotist Scott Ward. Frosh Day 2 consisted of Rave in the Cave, featuring Vilify. Vilify is a dubstep artist from Montreal, for those of you not familiar with her. The Cave was packed to capacity both nights. 

This event was our Halloween rave, which was also the first official collaboration between the LCSA and local EDM (Electronic Dance Music) group BassWorks. Once again, we packed the Cave out to capacity. 

Band Wars: 
Band Wars had a substantial turnout, and brought together ten local bands to compete for prizes. 

Cowboy Cabaret: 
This event was the LCSA Movember fundraising wrap-up, and was also a rocking success. 

These are just a few of the many events I’ve helped put on. That doesn’t mean all I’ve done at the LCSA is events, however. I’ve also represented students to the Alberta Students’ Executive Association, a group that lobbies the provincial government on behalf of post-secondary students. I’ve promoted awareness on campus for multiple issues, ranging from sexual health to mental health. 

I am committed to continuing to host great events, continue to advocate for student issues, and remain a promoter of student wellbeing.

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