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The LCSA Health and Dental Benefit Plan was approved by student referendum and is administered by Gallivan: Student Health & Wellness and is a requirement of your enrolment at the Lethbridge College through your membership in the Students' Association. The cost of the plan is included in your institutional fees provided you meet the eligibility enrolment criteria.

The mystudentplan.ca/lethbridge website provides complete detailed Information on items covered under the plan, eligibility, processing claims, adding family, opting out and contact information.

For eligible students starting in the fall semester, coverage begins September 1st and ends August 31st provided there has been no change in your eligibility status from the fall to the winter semester. In cases where there has been a status change, coverage may end December 31st. For eligible students starting in the winter semester, coverage begins January 1st and ends August 31st.

New eligible students will be added to the health and dental plan approximately 45 days from the start date of your program. Please keep your receipts for eligible expenses incurred during this time period for submission to the insurance carrier upon completion of the enrolment process.

Online/Distance Learners – are included on the Health and Dental Benefit Plan provided the above eligibility requirements are met.

Accessibility Services (Reduced Course Load)

Students who are taking part-time course load but are considered full-time by the institution may be eligible to opt in to the Student Health and Dental Plan. Please contact the Benefit Plan Office for further details, prior to the applicable deadline for your semester period of enrollment.

Returning eligible students may continue to access the health and dental plan without disruption by using their current myBenefits Card or by submitting reimbursement claims directly to the insurance carrier.

Students can opt-out of the plan each year ONLY before the deadline of the semester in which they start their program. Please Note Terms & Conditions when you complete the Opt Out.

2020 Deadline for OPt in/FAMILY ADD-ON/OPT OUT

FALL:    SEPTEMBER 30. 2020

WINTER:      JANUARY 27. 2021

*Opt Out for the Fall Semester is available online July 1st and Winter Semester online December 1st*

If you have previously Opted Out – you must RE-ENROLL to regain coverage!

For more information visit the the LCSA Health and Dental Plan site or visit Ley Bodie- Student Benefits Coordinator- in CE1350 during the school year (August 1 – May 1) or contact anytime by email at:

lethbridgeplan@mystudentplan.ca (please include your student # in your email)

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